dragonheartsI figure now would be a nice time to Write about how my move into my new Apartment in Ålesund is going.

Where I live has a story to it. In WWII it was a brothel for the Nazis. When the war was over one man shot himself in the head there, and another two hung themselves in the attic. Creepy but I like that there is history to the house. We live in the basement so.. we are obviously vampires.

It’s really lovely and koselig at my place. (koselig? click here.) I cannot help but notice how extremely American and whimsical my decor is. Faires, dragons, little animals and glowing candles are everywhere. There is even a gargoyle in Our bedroom looking out, protecting us. I have iitala glass and moomins too. Gotta get my love for Finland in there despite it all. It’s not too Nordic in my Apartment yet. It doesn’t seem to have a minimalist or modern flare whatsoever. I have crap everywhere. Systematic chaos is just how I do Things.

Follow my instagram for Pictures of my Apartment and other shenanigans. There Will be plenty of Pictures of my kitty and Food.




I do not have a computer so I am using someone else’s in the meantime while I can- excuse all the English errors. This particular computer has a Norwegian keyboard.





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