Authenticity versus Creative

What comes to mind as untouchable and timeless is pizza. . . .or really Italian Food in general. Traditional Food should not be messed With right? Hmmm . . . . . these boundries are looked at during the first episode of “Ugly Delicious” where chef David Chang examines, Challenges and eats a wide range of pizzas. This even includes a tuna and Mayo pizza! ACK. Does that belong on a pizza? Some Italians say yes while others barf at the thought of their beloved pizza being fked With.

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The committee of proper pizza in Italy dictates that it is not pizza at all. Well, then I guess a Grandiosa pizza from Norway is not pizza- and does deserve to be directed to the nearest Garbage can. It doesn’t have proper cheese or meats, but some kind of white cheese and often ham or ground beef. When I first had a pizza here from a local restaurant I questioned if I ought to be eating such an abomination.

Authenticity is a huge problem here. I can’t find Italian sausage nor can I find ricotta cheese. I eat Grandiosa pizza and crappy pasta brands. Making a good red sauce With tastey tomatoes is also an issue sometimes. What’s an Italian girl to do?

I have to be creative – something my ancestors did all the time With Food. I remember my grandfather making red sauce With cabbage and ground beef which is much like pigs in a blanket. This deviated from traditional Food but was still amazing. A lot of Chicago Italian Food is not traditional either. Italians in Italy do not make beefs or combos. Deep dish pizza is considered to not be pizza outside Chicago. I grew up With this Food. It’s still Italian.

I have something to offer when I cook for Norwegians. I just have to look at what I have and start cookin!

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