The Healthcare Difference

I believe the misdiagnosis of labelling me type 1 diabetic was not an accident but meant to make companies and doctors richer.

I was told I was heading toward kidney failure, blood dialysis, and more neuropathy. I’m only 28 years old. How could I be so sick?

Fast forward to being sent to the ER for high blood sugars in Norway. The blood sugar levels I had in the US were deemed unacceptable to doctors in Norway. The levels, I was told, could put me in a coma or kill me. (300-500 blood sugar US measurement)…. I was rediagnosed type 2 diabetic, stripped of my insulin pump and given higher doses of insulin that night. The head doctor of the hospital was baffled at what the US had not done.

The way the United States’ healthcare works must change. My story is just one but I hope it stirs something in you.

What do you think? Does the US need more socialist programs like those in Norway? How do you suggest the US change healthcare?

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