Genuine with Faith

I had a discussion with my Norwegian relatives yesterday. I was asked to explain why Americans are so religious and all about church. I wanted to ask why they never go to church or include God in everyday…..

Here it goes.

Norwegians can be quite religious but rather than be in your face about it they keep it to themselves. Church going is viewed as social rather than a personal experience. From what I have gathered, Americans are the opposite. They even go door to door preaching.

Americans are described as ungeniune. Ouch. Smiles, conversations and even religion can be ungeniune. For example, maybe I really don’t know you therefore don’t care how you are. This is how Norwegians think. Why go to church, say you practice Christianity, and turn around and proceed to steal. Acting Christian and being genuine that you see church as a social event is seen as more acceptable in Norway.

Who’s wrong? Is anyone wrong or is this just culture differences? Maybe Americans need to learn to be more genuine. Leave a response below.

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