Gifted Children

I was what one would call a ¨gifted child.¨I excelled in most subjects in school and learned very quickly. Often this lead to boredom and lack of motivation to do anything in school. ¨The Gifted Child Program¨ was offered at about 10 years old. These classes were accelerated in speed of teaching and was more advanced. Most of my friends and I were all gifted.

This created division between children and competition. Who was the smartest child? Then, who was the least smart? There were a lot of mean comments towards me due to being not so good at math. I did not latch onto to concepts nearly as fast as everyone else. I struggled and almost got kicked out of the gifted program. I was even pulled aside and told I wasnt meeting the standard or, as I saw it as a child, I was not as smart as the other gifted children. Not only did I think that, but so did the other gifted children. I was humiliated as I raced to be on top of all subjects I knew I was good at. I decided math was the devil at an early age and never excelled despite all my efforts.

Norway has no gifted program. There is no such thing as gifted children. Everyone learns at the same pace no matter what. One cousin described Norway as a ¨gifted child killer.¨ If you are really excel, you are screwed. There is no program to nurture or challenge you.

Despite my struggles as a gifted child I think there should be something in place for children that struggle or excel in school. What are your thoughts? Have you been in such programs? What does your country offer children?

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