My Goals with Language

Norway teaches its immigrants the language and all about Norway in free courses. I am so excited to do this! My life will be easier once I can speak and understand the world around me. 

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I have goals. In a years time, I hope to watch Pokemon in Norwegian and read Harry Potter. Reading Harry Potter might require a dictonary once in awhile but I am willing to struggle through the book. I read articles in Spanish when I was in Spanish class in highschool. We would translate them and it would take me a very long time to do. Once everything made sense it was a very rewarding feeling. I learned quicker.

Language will be one of the most important things I do to adapt to my Norwegian life.  

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Rockheim, Tronheim Modern Music Museum. This is a Black Metal exhibit.

I have much harder goals too, however. My hubby and I have been discussing universities. He wants to become an engineer. I have wanted to be an anthropologist or go for museum studies. Anthopology in short is the study of cultures. Museum studies will allow me to work in a museum and help teach others about various subjects. Norway pays for education, but I would need to know Norwegian and would probably need to minor in Norwegian as a second language.  This would be hard for me. Unlike before with Spanish, I need to know Norwegian not just for everyday but at a higher proffessional level.

Right now, its baby steps.



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