‘MERICA: Getting Down with the Sickness

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Alright. I will admit to homesickness. Everytime McDonalds or Starbucks is mentioned, I long for it. That nasty sugar-y-ness is what my soul needs. I miss my parents and my sibling. I’m fed up with being stared at.  I miss being able to go where I want to without the fear of being looked at funny since I am an immigrant with no Norwegian skills.

I need a job. I need more money. I need language skills. All of this takes time and it’s getting irritating. I’m impatient at this point. 

So what to do about it? I strive to fix it. I practice Norweigan on Duolingo and Tinycards. I speak with my Norweigan relatives. I have a job lead right now at an Italian restaurant and I’m trying very hard to get a job there. Being around another Italian that understands Grandiosa isn’t pizza but cardboard with jarlsburg cheese will greatly help homesickness. (I eat Grandiosa but it is NOT like having real pizza.) Soon, I will have school for Norwegian and meet other immigrants which will be super nice. I won’t feel so alone. 

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I also am trying to embrace the new culture and try new things. I had a sunshine roll or solskinnboller. though I greatly tried not to. I kept saying “ew” until my hubby made me eat one. It’s actually very good. It is a cinnamon bun with custard in the middle so it looks like a sun. I keep having to remind myself that I need to try new things. 

Have you ever felt homesick? What did you do about it? Let’s chat.

2 Comments on “‘MERICA: Getting Down with the Sickness

  1. That meme is totally me. I always crave franchise food wherever I go. And I’m a traveler too – not quite as extravagant but I’ve moved several times since meeting my now husband. I don’t know what my home is because we move around so much. It’s hard to settle down and make friends because I know that soon, I will leave and be on the road again. As for family, we are different. My goal was to move it and far from my parents. I wanted freedom because I felt shackled by their strict, rigid rules. I didn’t really have much family growing up (very small family). The homesickness was very real after moving out but it went away. I hope you feel better and that the homesickness goes away! Try to find a routine or a schedule so you feel a sense of control in an otherwise “foreign” environment. The best thing that helped me was having a predictable schedule. And stay busy. Good luck!! 🙂


    • Awwww!!!! Thank you! And thank you for responding! I appreciate it! My family was a bit strict as well. I felt I needed to expand my wings before hitting 30 years old. I didn’t quite imagine moving countries, however. The idea that I could do so came with marrying a foreigner. Routine is great advice. I thrive better with routine. Thanks again!

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