Learn Norwegian with Me: Winter Words ft. Christmas Pt 1

First off, the words I will teach you are in the dialect of Bokmål which is the most commonly understood Norwegian and is used in written Norwegian. Nynorsk is less common. Pronounciation is based off of American English. Remember there is a slight r roll similar to Spanish and French in Norwegian.

Let’s try words!

  • Ornament- Yulepynt (You-ll-pint)Tree- Tre (tr-eh)
  • Present\gift – gave (gah-vah)
  • Santa- Julenissen (You-l-ehn-nee-sehn)
  • Christmas- Jul (You-l )
  • Merry Christmas- God Jul (God You-l)
  • Christmas Star- Julestjerne ( You-lah-st-yern-ah)
  • Winter- Vinter (Vin-ter)
  • Aurora Borealis- Nordlys (Nord-lease)
  • Snow- Snø (Snuh)
  • Snowflake- Snøfnugg (Snuh-f-nuhgg)
  • Food- mat (mahtt)
  • Cookies- kjeks (checks)
  • candles- stearinlys (stare-een-lease)
  • purple- lilla (lil-lah)
  • white- hvit (veet)
  • red- rød (ruhd)
Image result for nordlys
 Nordlys er fint.

Let’s get sentences going!

  • I love you. – Jeg elsker deg. (Y-eye ehlskerr die.)
  • I love your gift. Jeg elsker gaven din. ( Y-eye ehlskerr gah-vahn deen.)
  • The aurora borealis is beautiful. – Nordlys er fint. (Nord-lease are feent).
  • It’s a white Christmas. – Det er en hvit jul. (Deht are ehn veet you-ll)
  • Let’s open gifts. La oss åpne gave. (Lah ohss oh-pnah gah-vah)
  • This tastes good. – Dette smakker godt. (Deht-teh smah-k-ker gaw-dt.)
  • Santa is from Norway.- Julenissen er fra Norge. (You-l-ehn-nee-sehn are frah Nor-geh.)
Image result for white christmas norway

Det er en hvit jul.

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