Aurora Borealis

My mother in law T, hubby Kim and I were driving to the grocery store. This was my first time in Norway. It was a pretty mundane thing to do. . ..except the drive was through the forest and along the mountains to get get home. Mundane drive for a Norwegian. T and Kim were speaking in Norwegian until I heard some words in English. “Oh look, some faint Auroras….”

I looked out the car and saw this thing. I couldn’t even identify this thing. It wasn’t a cloud. It moved a lot. It was green. It resembled a spirit or ghost more than anything, just a lot bigger than expected. “UM WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? What is that GREEN STUFF floating in the air?”

T and Kim started to laugh. “Those are the Auroras. Aurora Borealis.”

I thought they manifested further north and I wouldn’t see one. To my surprise that was not the case. We get them here!

Image result for aurora borealis alesund
Aurora Borealis in Ålesund, Norway

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