Getting Lost in Warmth

Right now, I am submerged in a modern-art mecca though it is a combination of new and old ways. Traditions are everything but homes and fashion are littered with modernism and cool chic. Moving to another country is a drastic way of making a change and giving yourself a chance to re-do yourself. Norway, or even Europe, is not the same as the United States. This gives way to a different way of looking at myself and what I chose to wear. My style is changing.

Here are some collages about how I am starting to look, what I am starting to like, and style icons.

3 Comments on “Getting Lost in Warmth

  1. I like Norwegian blogger Camilla Pihl. She has super cozy blog and nice Scandi style, relaxed and warm. I see you have Sophie Elise, hehe. She is too young for me. But I do check up on her some time. Just don’t follow the silicon trend, please! 😆


    • I recognize Sophie Elise. I can’t understand much going on because of my lack of Norwegian language skills. I heard she went through a lot of plastic surgery. Looks as though she had her breasts recently done…… plastic surgery doesn’t seem tempting to me lol. Thanks for reading!

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      • It is a good way to learn Norwegian, maybe, to be reading blogs 🙂 some of them use pretty easy language. About plastic surgery, ehh, it seems like it is almost a must for modern influencers :))


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