Launched June 2017 as a way to connect to readers, teach about Norway and explore Anthropological and Sociological concepts. If you love travel, exploring and learning this blog is right for you. You can expect blogging about my experiences immigrating, my challenges and information about Norway- even comparisons between the United States and Norway. I have years of studying Scandinavia and nerdy fandom under my belt already. Black metal heads, Nemi comic lovers, fans of IKEA style and lovers of lefse feel free to read on!

myselfblackMy name is Christina or Stiina for short. I married my husband Kim-Andre June 30th, 2012 in the United States. My husband grew up on an island around Ålesund, Norway. We met through a mutal friend. I’ve had a fascination with The North since I was about 12 years old. Marrying a Norwegian did not come as a shock to anyone. My brother also has a love for Scandinavia- particularly Norway. He helped my passion to flourish into what is today. At first, however, my passion was mainly for the Finnish. HIM, anyone?

So follow me, and we can go through the ups and downs of an American moving to Norway!

originalNote about my blog tagline:

I described eating fish with pasta (something very Sicilian) and a brother-in-law turned his nose up and said “That is very strange, indeed….” Eating pasta with pretty much anything is what my family does BUT eating potatoes with pretty much anything is Norwegian. Hence, I argue all the time that potatoes are not better than pasta. It’s a cultural thing, and very much a good representation of my blog. I struggle and will struggle with applying Norwegian customs. It can be quite funny!