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First Days in Norway: Part II

I already feel the need to be like everyone else for once in my life. I don’t like this feeling. I understand not a word around me and my clothes make me look blatantly American. It doesn’t help that I can only speak English….

Thoughts to Let Simmer

I wish you could smell this. The garlic, the sweet tomatoes, the meatballs, the sauted onion in olive oil. . . . .it’s the smell of my childhood in the air. Everything my grandparents had was copper. I remember the giant spaghetti pot being…

Norwegian Personalities

Thank You Note 2

Thank you, Italian good looks for making me stick out like a sore thumb no matter how I might dress.

Depression Game Plan

Music Make Playlists for Mom and Dad Sing Cats Play and cuddle cats Books Harry Potter Series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Series Author Erik Larson Poet Emily Dickenson Poet Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey Poet Neil Hilborn Author Orson Scott Card Author…

Finding my Strength to Combat Anxiety

“I think it speaks to how terrifying life often is, particularly when we are taking risks or challenged by crisis. The life of faith is filled with the constant challenge to risk more to become our true selves” Rev. Winnie Varghese, Huffington Post .  Philippians 4:6…

American Vs Scandinavian Make Up

 There is no Sephora in Norway. Make up trends seems to differ. Make up is modest and natural. The norm is not bold colors and glittery highlights like I prefur. I see this as an ongoing problem in getting what I need to do…