About This Blog and My Journey

Write a little introduction about yourself. My name is Christina. I'm married to Kim-Andre and have one black cat named Stoner. Both are mentioned a lot in this blog. I used to have three cats but had to adopt them out due to moving to Norway. I am not very happy about it. What is … Continue reading About This Blog and My Journey

Most Excellent News

A decision on your Visa application: (long number thing) has been made by the Norwegian Consulate General in New York.Your processed application has been received at the Norwegian Visa Application Centre and is ready for collection. Please ignore this message if you have opted for courier return. That was the message I received about noon … Continue reading Most Excellent News

Secrets to a Loving Long Distance Relationship

The world is becoming a lot smaller thanks to online resources such as facebook. That is how I first spoke to my now hubby. We would talk everyday through facebook chat about anything and everything. When we started to date and he had to fly back to Norway other people started to wonder if our … Continue reading Secrets to a Loving Long Distance Relationship