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First Days in Norway: Part I

Despite airport security thinking my insulin pump was a bomb in Chicago, not being able to bring my black cat with due to a bunch of bullshit papers, and being tired out of my mind- we are safe in Norway. As for my black…

Eating is a Pain

In case you guys are wondering how eating for gastroparesis with also being type 1 diabetic is going. . . it’s like this:   (. . . . in other words WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? )

Look here, Haters…

Seems that now that I am following my dreams people got something to say about it. Others have tried to guilt me, claim I’m ignorant or stupid about the world. They claim I don’t know what I am doing. Some even got angry. This…

Thank You Note 4

Thank you, IKEA for letting me at least look Swedish cheaply. Oh, great meatballs too. **Fun fact: I have a massive tattoo of Marimekko’s famous “Unikko” poppy print on my upper thigh. This is how much I love Scandinavian design.

Thank You Note 3

Thank you, My lovely parent-in-laws for taking in my cats because they care about me.  

Norwegian Personalities

Thank You Note 2

Thank you, Italian good looks for making me stick out like a sore thumb no matter how I might dress.