The Arguments

The Arguments


I will admit that some people I know don’t even know that we’re moving yet. We are waiting for the right time to announce it to family. I know some relatives may take it hard or even get angry. I’ve already had people just say “Why don’t you get a full time job and get insurance?” “Why are you moving? Just for healthcare?”

red-orange-yolkThey don’t get it.  My overall health will improve by moving. Food quality and water quality are other reasons to move. Food is fresh. For example, I was making breakfast once and kept throwing out eggs. The yolk was orange so I thought it was rancid. My brother in law stopped me and said they are supposed to be that way! Our yellow yolk eggs in the US are old. Then meat is also fresher. Red dye is not added to meat to make it look fresh like in the US. Water can be drank from the mountain streams right outside my mother-in-law’s house. Water around here in the US is filthy. I wouldn’t even swim in Lake Michigan anymore.

I also feel I do not need to explain to others how I feel everyday. I battle not sleeping constantly. That the doctors know I have some kind of autoimmune disorder that they decided to call fibromyalsia for lack of any other name to call it. They don’t know the thousands I spend each year on just type 1 diabetic supplies alone. They have no clue how much medication I’m on to just be healthy and prevent worse things down the road.

Another comment was about that I would not be safe from terrorism. “The world is too crazy right now.”  The world was crazy starting with September 11th. I was young then and I vowed that I would not live in fear, since that is what they want. Living in fear is not freedom. I will not wait till things “settle down” in the world. I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.

41f42fbbfacec40d181bdaee4e7f80dc-cat-s-kitty-catsI’m finding that justifying myself to other people is just reassuring all the reasons to move. Although it’s very annoying, I’m getting myself more and more at ease. This is really an exciting time in my life. I should be happy and not scared of all these things people keep bringing up.


Social Anxiety and Norway

I’ve got social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and OCD. I don’t write about this as though I’m happy about it. Quite the opposite.


Being an American that is often seen as quiet and shy is not very well welcomed in this culture. I get snarky rude comments, ignorant questions, embarrassing moments, and flat out uncomfortable times. I feel I am supposed to be this outgoing loud person. I am not like that at all. People seem to not know how to handle someone like me. Strange how we celebrate differences in America but my personality differences are not accepted.

Norwegians are reserved, blossoming socially when surrounded by family or friends for whom they are close with only. When my husbands family was warned I don’t do social events easily, I imagine they were surprised. Social events are different there. They are very chill and embarrassing shyness is brushed off as not so embarrassing at all.

3837929-73af09fa_200_200I recall reading Moomin books and there are characters with particular things about their personality that made them different like needing everything clean or liking to be left alone. Norwegians as well as the rest of the North are taught to respect these things about someone’s personality- whether they are seen as peculiar or not.

Have you noticed this about Americans? Is my observation wrong?

Consumerism: United States vs Norway

Some time ago I stumbled upon blog post by a Russian make-up blogger where she was discussing natural aging and surgery methods for staying young. Her position was firm and clear. The blog had a compilation of celebrity photos: those aging naturally versus those who use plastic surgery and the botox injections, – and the […]

via Dress to Impress Vs. Scandinavian Relax — Me Exploring

Insight to Diabetes in the States

My medications, my supplies and my machines cost a fortune without insurance. What would I do without my insurance? US healthcare is changing and I may once again have to switch to another insurance provider- if I can with pre-existing conditions.

It’s very scary to think of what I would pay to stay alive. It’s really ridiculous that there are people in America struggling to pay the cost of insulin because they can’t get or afford healthcare. I lost my doctors and hospital due to Obamacare- but others literally lost their whole insurance plans.

With healthcare being debated in the US right now, I’m concerned about what the new healthcare bill will say. If it says premiums go up for pre-existing conditions I will HAVE TO move to Norway.  Most people in the States do not have that luxury.

Sign the petition here.


Norway’s healthcare system is cheaper and I won’t need to be afraid anymore. What about everyone else- even outside the US. Something needs to be done. 




My Cats

Kim seems to want to move even as early as next spring because he could possibly have a massage job lined up. He’s very excited and should be of course. Yet, my feelings are mixed. I’m still hesitant.

At first my heart strings were pulled when he told me I’d have to sell things or give them away. Like, I’m American. I like my things. I’m attached to my things, as horrible as that may seem. I have collections of Japanese magazines, stuffed animals and clothes that I just might need to get rid of.  I really don’t want to. Starting to get rid of things will make this move feel all too real..

The biggest issue right now is not my things but my cats. I refer to my cats as furbabies. I don’t know what to do. I planned on taking them with but someone commented that it might not be good for them to leave.

Clockwise starting at the bottom: Taco-Ravioli, Stoner, Owly

One of my cats, Owly (brown long haired cat pictured to the left), will not handle the move well. She didn’t come out for a week when we moved the first time with her. I’m not sure how she will respond to being shipped.

I’ve been researching that the kitties may not need to be quarantined. This is a massive relief. They do, however, need certain shots, a clean bill of health and other specifications before entering Norway. Here is what I read.

All day today I was a total wreck thinking I had to adopt out my cats so they didn’t get traumatized by our move. The troubles of being a crazy cat lady.


5 Year Anniversary

5 Year Anniversary

I’ve met numerous awesome people on the internet such as Becoming Finnish , Find Balance (noneedforscales) , and BeautyBeyondBones . Finnish/Australian, New Zealand and American women. . . . It’s amazing that the world seems so much smaller now because of social media. In fact- that is how I met my husband.

I was doing a project for Sociology class in college. A friend mentioned to me that his former high school had a foreign exchange student from Norway. He said I should interview him. I messaged this boy named Kim on facebook. I interviewed him and we remained friends for several years.

One day I was doing homework at my college alone, messaging Kim at the same time for hours. I finally got him to say he was in love with me by saying “I love chocolate.” He booked a trip to meet me and we started dating. A year later or so we were married. Kim moved to the United States and obtained a Green Card. Now we are celebrating 5 years happily married together.


My husband is an inspiring person in my life because he is a hard worker and is passionate about exploring the world. Kim has studied in Thailand, Japan and the US.  He even learned Thai massage in Thailand, that adds to his massage therapy reputation as having rare techniques and the ability to do deep tissue that is both relaxing and medicinal. He inspires me to want to step out of my comfort zone and try new things such as traveling more and exotic food. He has taken me to Norway several times and helped me understand the culture more and explained things to me.

Kim moved from Norway to the United States with basically nothing. We went to resale stores to try and get what he needed. He relied heavily on others at first- even getting someone to rent him an apartment was out of kindness. He was alone in the apartment. I was still living with my parents. I remember visiting him and just watching television on a tiny TV. Soon he did something I dreamed about as a child- adopting a cat. He let me choose the cat and I knew right away which cat I had to adopt. stonerHis name was Stoney or soon to be called “Stoner.” He is a beautiful black cat with green eyes and a very friendly personality. Stoner was the first major gift Kim gave me before we were even married. Stoner lived with Kim until I eventually moved in.

My husband continues to inspire me and teach me about love. He has taught me that fear is temporary and exploration of the world is important. Kim has helped me become the woman I am now.





Love you, hubby boo.