American Vs Scandinavian Make Up

American Vs Scandinavian Make Up

 There is no Sephora in Norway.


Make up trends seems to differ. Make up is modest and natural. The norm is not bold colors and glittery highlights like I prefur. I see this as an ongoing problem in getting what I need to do my make up looks. I am a very very very hardcore fan of pigment. I don’t settle for light anything. I have gotten used to Kat Von D, Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and the new Fenty Beauty. I like rich and expensive. I am also selective on skincare. I take very good care of my skin.

I feel like this will be a new territory and new learning experience. This will be a new challenge for me to use my skills I aquired as an esthetician and artist.

Suicide Loss Suvivor: Suicide Awareness Month

What made us friends? Our music taste, our love for the arts and fashion, and our love of Finland. I was lucky enough to find another person who was as obsessed with things Finnish as I was.  Obsessed with the different and the weird. We were both turned on and influence by it.

I hoped to see him grow into who I knew he was. That is what friends hope for.  That did not happen. His heart stopped and his dreams never happened. I still picture him as 18 though I have moved on.  Time did not stand still for him.

I was angry and tortured by what was left unsaid and what answers I demanded  but could never know. There were long talks with God and staring at a corner hoping he would magically appear to have something to scream at. It festered inside instead.

After many years I saw how my life was evolving and I just could not hold on to him any longer. I had to become who I was meant to be. I was not 18 anymore. I still look at his picture and feel a rush a pain but I felt I needed to move on.

So here I am, moving to Norway. I’m doing things he never thought I would do and what he thought was the impossible.

To learn more about suicide awarness month click here.

The K+C Wedding pt 2

The K+C Wedding pt 2

I landed in Norway and I was all like:

Right now, I feel excited and scared about this move. There are many things happening that are painful and nasty.

  • I have to get rid of things.
  • My cats are being adopted out. I freaking love my cats.
  • I am leaving my family
  • The paperwork to stay in Norway is confusing.

However I am visiting Norway and feeling a sense that moving is the right thing to do. I am surrounded by a network of people that will be able to help me. This is obvious. I am far less stressed out here. And oh my goodness is it pretty…. we got off the plane and I could smell the ocean.

Here are things I am excited about:

  • I will be getting an Apple computer with Adobe photoshop from my brother in law
  • One of my brothers in law will be living with us
  • I will techiniquely be living with two new cats
  • I will start a hobby of photography. This blog will turn into a photojournal blog.’
  • Leaving the United States Healthcare mess.

There are many things to be excited about. I just do not want to deal with all the negatives. 😦

Not long now before the wedding!



Social Anxiety and Norway

I’ve got social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and OCD. I don’t write about this as though I’m happy about it. Quite the opposite.


Being an American that is often seen as quiet and shy is not very well welcomed in this culture. I get snarky rude comments, ignorant questions, embarrassing moments, and flat out uncomfortable times. I feel I am supposed to be this outgoing loud person. I am not like that at all. People seem to not know how to handle someone like me. Strange how we celebrate differences in America but my personality differences are not accepted.

Norwegians are reserved, blossoming socially when surrounded by family or friends for whom they are close with only. When my husbands family was warned I don’t do social events easily, I imagine they were surprised. Social events are different there. They are very chill and embarrassing shyness is brushed off as not so embarrassing at all.

3837929-73af09fa_200_200I recall reading Moomin books and there are characters with particular things about their personality that made them different like needing everything clean or liking to be left alone. Norwegians as well as the rest of the North are taught to respect these things about someone’s personality- whether they are seen as peculiar or not.

Have you noticed this about Americans? Is my observation wrong?

Consumerism: United States vs Norway

Some time ago I stumbled upon blog post by a Russian make-up blogger where she was discussing natural aging and surgery methods for staying young. Her position was firm and clear. The blog had a compilation of celebrity photos: those aging naturally versus those who use plastic surgery and the botox injections, – and the […]

via Dress to Impress Vs. Scandinavian Relax — Me Exploring

Insight to Diabetes in the States

My medications, my supplies and my machines cost a fortune without insurance. What would I do without my insurance? US healthcare is changing and I may once again have to switch to another insurance provider- if I can with pre-existing conditions.

It’s very scary to think of what I would pay to stay alive. It’s really ridiculous that there are people in America struggling to pay the cost of insulin because they can’t get or afford healthcare. I lost my doctors and hospital due to Obamacare- but others literally lost their whole insurance plans.

With healthcare being debated in the US right now, I’m concerned about what the new healthcare bill will say. If it says premiums go up for pre-existing conditions I will HAVE TO move to Norway.  Most people in the States do not have that luxury.

Sign the petition here.


Norway’s healthcare system is cheaper and I won’t need to be afraid anymore. What about everyone else- even outside the US. Something needs to be done. 




My Cats

Kim seems to want to move even as early as next spring because he could possibly have a massage job lined up. He’s very excited and should be of course. Yet, my feelings are mixed. I’m still hesitant.

At first my heart strings were pulled when he told me I’d have to sell things or give them away. Like, I’m American. I like my things. I’m attached to my things, as horrible as that may seem. I have collections of Japanese magazines, stuffed animals and clothes that I just might need to get rid of.  I really don’t want to. Starting to get rid of things will make this move feel all too real..

The biggest issue right now is not my things but my cats. I refer to my cats as furbabies. I don’t know what to do. I planned on taking them with but someone commented that it might not be good for them to leave.

Clockwise starting at the bottom: Taco-Ravioli, Stoner, Owly

One of my cats, Owly (brown long haired cat pictured to the left), will not handle the move well. She didn’t come out for a week when we moved the first time with her. I’m not sure how she will respond to being shipped.

I’ve been researching that the kitties may not need to be quarantined. This is a massive relief. They do, however, need certain shots, a clean bill of health and other specifications before entering Norway. Here is what I read.

All day today I was a total wreck thinking I had to adopt out my cats so they didn’t get traumatized by our move. The troubles of being a crazy cat lady.