Aurora Borealis

Many people dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis- especially in Norway. Someone recently asked me if I had. Let me just say it was unexpected.

SONY DSCMy husband, mother in law and I were driving at night. They all of a sudden pointed and said “Oh look!” I looked out the window and saw this ghostly green light hovering over the water. It moved to me like it was a spirit of some kind and honestly freaked me out. “What it is that?!” They told me it was the Auroras. That was my first encounter with them.

My next encounter with them did not freak me out as much. It still left me in awe. It was on New Years. There was an awesome display of Auroras over Alesund. It reflected over the water and was undisturbed by the fireworks. They were far more visible than my first sighting. I was so happy about the display I wasn’t freaked out by them this time. (I was also around many Norwegians so I had to keep my cool. HAHA!)


The Arguments

The Arguments


I will admit that some people I know don’t even know that we’re moving yet. We are waiting for the right time to announce it to family. I know some relatives may take it hard or even get angry. I’ve already had people just say “Why don’t you get a full time job and get insurance?” “Why are you moving? Just for healthcare?”

red-orange-yolkThey don’t get it.  My overall health will improve by moving. Food quality and water quality are other reasons to move. Food is fresh. For example, I was making breakfast once and kept throwing out eggs. The yolk was orange so I thought it was rancid. My brother in law stopped me and said they are supposed to be that way! Our yellow yolk eggs in the US are old. Then meat is also fresher. Red dye is not added to meat to make it look fresh like in the US. Water can be drank from the mountain streams right outside my mother-in-law’s house. Water around here in the US is filthy. I wouldn’t even swim in Lake Michigan anymore.

I also feel I do not need to explain to others how I feel everyday. I battle not sleeping constantly. That the doctors know I have some kind of autoimmune disorder that they decided to call fibromyalsia for lack of any other name to call it. They don’t know the thousands I spend each year on just type 1 diabetic supplies alone. They have no clue how much medication I’m on to just be healthy and prevent worse things down the road.

Another comment was about that I would not be safe from terrorism. “The world is too crazy right now.”  The world was crazy starting with September 11th. I was young then and I vowed that I would not live in fear, since that is what they want. Living in fear is not freedom. I will not wait till things “settle down” in the world. I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.

41f42fbbfacec40d181bdaee4e7f80dc-cat-s-kitty-catsI’m finding that justifying myself to other people is just reassuring all the reasons to move. Although it’s very annoying, I’m getting myself more and more at ease. This is really an exciting time in my life. I should be happy and not scared of all these things people keep bringing up.


10 Things You May Not Know About Norwegian Waffles

10 Things You May Not Know About Norwegian Waffles

Tis true! I eat these cute heart shaped waffles when we are in Norway with family and friends! They are to die for with fresh strawberry jam!


If you are a fan of Norwegian waffles, you know that they are heart shaped, thinner and softer than the American version.   We also don’t eat waffles for breakfast, rather we enjoy them with a strong cup of black coffee in the afternoon or evening, preferably in the company of good friends and family.  The easiest and most widespread food to whip up when you have guests come over, is, in fact, Norwegian “vafler”!  We love them slathered with butter and strawberry jam, or for a more decadent version; sour cream and strawberry jam which is a delicious combination of tangy and sweet.

For more history about the Norwegian waffle, you can go HERE to a previous blog post I did on this topic.

So while the above mentioned points might be common knowledge to “Norwegianophiles”,  you might not haven known the following:

  1. There are few foods that exists…

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The K+C Wedding pt 2

The K+C Wedding pt 2

I landed in Norway and I was all like:

Right now, I feel excited and scared about this move. There are many things happening that are painful and nasty.

  • I have to get rid of things.
  • My cats are being adopted out. I freaking love my cats.
  • I am leaving my family
  • The paperwork to stay in Norway is confusing.

However I am visiting Norway and feeling a sense that moving is the right thing to do. I am surrounded by a network of people that will be able to help me. This is obvious. I am far less stressed out here. And oh my goodness is it pretty…. we got off the plane and I could smell the ocean.

Here are things I am excited about:

  • I will be getting an Apple computer with Adobe photoshop from my brother in law
  • One of my brothers in law will be living with us
  • I will techiniquely be living with two new cats
  • I will start a hobby of photography. This blog will turn into a photojournal blog.’
  • Leaving the United States Healthcare mess.

There are many things to be excited about. I just do not want to deal with all the negatives. 😦

Not long now before the wedding!



The K+C Wedding Pt 1: Get what you want!

The K+C Wedding Pt 1: Get what you want!

The move is becoming more and more less like a fantasy. I can feel the depression and anxiety showing it’s ugly face. I am going on vacation to Norway tomorrow and I don’t feel the normal excitement I have the past few times I’ve gone. This time feels very different. It’s a practice for moving.

This trip is also for a wedding. My own wedding was made up of sacrifices and compromises that made my wedding not really what I wanted. I didn’t have all of my family there nor the big party that I have grown accustomed to with my cousin’s weddings. Many relatives of mine even complained that I couldn’t invite them. I even settled for my wedding dress. I liked it but my first choice I was talked out of. I talked about a five year renewal of our vows where I would do everything that I wanted but that has come and gone. I will likely wait till the 10 or 15 year anniversary. I’m really angry.  I’m really happy that my sister in law is not making the mistake I did and is getting what she wants. It’s like my vendetta now that my friends and family get what they want when they get married.

(Let’s make this less depressing….)

What do I want for my wedding renewal?

My dress. . . . .Japanese Lolita. I want to be as adorable as possible. I even want my hair to have a little crown and I totally want a cool scepter.


121222-9294 - Japanese street fashion in Tokyo

Deer Alice Blog

Food. . . . Italian style of course. I want Chicago style Italian Beefs, Baked Mostaccioli, Italian Subs, and Chicken Caeser Salad.  A potluck is also possible, that way we can have enough food and some Norwegian food as well.


My cake. . . . Birch tree design (My favorite tree, though I am VERY allergic to it) with fresh or faux flowers set on top of a tree piece for affect.


My original wedding was a Midsummer Wedding. I want to keep that. This is why I would like my party in a giant hall with the possibility of a bonfire like they would have in Norway. I think I’d actually like it held at a place called Fisherman’s Inn- a wedding reception area that we have in the US near my parents.


I also wonder about a destination wedding instead. Picking the place is the hard part. Perhaps I could choose Spain, since I have family there as well.



That’s all for now guys. I better keep on packing up stuff. I also work today. . . .WAH!




Review of Duolingo: Norwegian

I’ve made it past the first marker in Duolingo! Something like 400 words I’ve learned thus far and still going. I thought I’d write a little review on Duolingo.


  • Is it easy? At times it can be really easy. Now that I’ve made it past a marker it’s using a lot of words I’ve been learning so it got harder, but this is a good thing! Without a bit of challenge you won’t learn.
  • How fast paced is it? It is as fast paced as a classroom would be. You decide how fast you will learn in the beginning when you set up Duolingo. I chose 2-3 sections a day and I do not have an issue.
  • Are there any issues? I find that I read and write Norwegian better than pronouncing and speaking due to Duolingo. I recognize words when they are said. This may be due to being a beginner but speaking the language I think will continue to be an issue.
  • Do I only need Duolingo to learn a language? I would not solely rely on this program to learn a language if you mean to learn it fluently though it is a great start.


I rate Duolingo 4 out of 5 stars. It is a wonderful, easy way to learn a language for free.

Social Anxiety and Norway

I’ve got social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and OCD. I don’t write about this as though I’m happy about it. Quite the opposite.


Being an American that is often seen as quiet and shy is not very well welcomed in this culture. I get snarky rude comments, ignorant questions, embarrassing moments, and flat out uncomfortable times. I feel I am supposed to be this outgoing loud person. I am not like that at all. People seem to not know how to handle someone like me. Strange how we celebrate differences in America but my personality differences are not accepted.

Norwegians are reserved, blossoming socially when surrounded by family or friends for whom they are close with only. When my husbands family was warned I don’t do social events easily, I imagine they were surprised. Social events are different there. They are very chill and embarrassing shyness is brushed off as not so embarrassing at all.

3837929-73af09fa_200_200I recall reading Moomin books and there are characters with particular things about their personality that made them different like needing everything clean or liking to be left alone. Norwegians as well as the rest of the North are taught to respect these things about someone’s personality- whether they are seen as peculiar or not.

Have you noticed this about Americans? Is my observation wrong?