Thank You Note 2

Thank you,

Italian good looks

for making me stick out like a sore thumb

no matter how I might dress.

Frank from the show Lilyhammer, about a former mobster hiding in Norway after testifying against other mobsters.

Learning Norwegian Hygge

Something I will need to get used to is the lack of daylight hours in Norway during winter. I think I may not mind it. I always thought snow looked better in the dark. It glows and twinkles under the moon. The quiet and the gentle hum of the winter wind is enough to lull one to sleep.

I have heard of this thing they call Hygge.  “While there’s no one English word to describe hygge, several can be used interchangeably to describe the idea of hygge such as cosiness, charm, happiness, ‘contentness’, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness” says  The creator of hyggehouse also mentions that it is about living in the present. Enjoying that cup of tea and talking with a friend about cats. It’s making homemade pizza and eating it on a cold winter night together. Enjoying the present is not something Americans really like doing. We like to do this and that and quickly be on our way. Most people hate days like today.


One could suggest hygge is not at all a new thing but rather a rediscovered method of living life.

Enjoying the present is actually in therapy and it is called “mindfulness.” I’ve been practicing it for a long time and it is indeed hard to do. Enjoying whatever you do to the fullest you can, no matter how simple, is hard. For someone with anxiety, your mind wants to go elsewhere. Whatever worry you may have or random thought pops into your head disrupts mindfulness. You could also call mindfulness a form of meditation. Meditation has caused me to fall asleep or even have panic attacks! Yes, for people with anxiety or panic disorders that is not uncommon to happen. Though that is not a reason to give up.

Hygge is something that can be learned and even studied. I’ve gotten a book on it and plan to dive right in. Teach me your Danish and Norwegian ways to deal with the cold and wintery!

So much snow!

Oh myy. These are words I need to practice! Here are some winter wonderland words!

Hei Hei

Hei hei,

Winter is well and truly on the way in Bergen. The temperature is dropping and on Friday, we had our very first sprinkle of snow! However, I was informed that this slushy mixture of rain and snow is not actually called snow in Norwegian but instead, ‘sludd.’

That got me thinking, in a country which gets its fair share of winter snowfall, there must be a few different ways to describe it. During my snøord search, I soon discovered that there are in fact A LOT of different words used to describe snow and snow-related activities. I’ve shared a few of the basics and some of my favourites, but if you’re snow inclined, this blog post is incredibly comprehensive!

  1. Plain old snow: snø, snjo, snjø, snog, snjor, sjog, sjo, sny and snjy
  2. Snowflake: snøflak
  3. Light, small snow-flakes: fjukr
  4. Very large snowflake: snøfloke, snøflinte, snøflukse
  5. Grain of snow: snøkorn

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It just seemed like normal to me and seemed like regular arguments until I took a step back. I examined what was said and realized it was verbal abuse later. It made me feel so small and helpless- like I could not escape the situation. Everything he said was right and I was always wrong.

How wrong that was.

I have been stalked on my old college’s campus and had to be escorted. It seemed like a normal friendship had formed until this boy asked weird questions, would not stop following me and waiting for me outside my classroom though I told him to stop.


Then there was the early days when I was younger when I was sexually harassed and mad fun of when I hit puberty before all the other girls did. I came home crying everyday and finally told someone. Ms Kristie is now a hero to me for getting those boys suspended from school. I was only 10-12 years old so I don’t recall everything that was said or done, just how I felt.

I don’t know how different it will be in Norway, if at all. Harassment doesn’t just skip countries. Women (and men!) all over the world experience this. I just plan on being smarter and less naive than I have been. I have delt with it too much to deal with it anymore.

My advice is always stand up for yourself. You don’t ever have to put up with anything no matter what sex you are. If it feels threatening or odd- it is.

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

I think making spaghetti sauce for my in-laws when they come to visit us this holiday season is special. Why not make special meatballs too!? This recipe from cookingadventures looks awesome! Check out the recipe and this food blog.

Cooking Adventures

 These were probably the best meatballs I have ever tried. Even with having a finicky daughter who started complaining about having to eat them, couldn’t stop at one and her quote was “These are better than cheese curds”.

They are very easy to make and go well alone or over any kind of noodles.

Oven 400 degrees

Time: 15 minutes


1lb                 Ground Beef/ Chicken (works well too)

1c                   Bread crumbs

1                     Egg

1/2tsp             Ground Garlic

1tsp                Italian Seasoning

1/2tsp             Salt

1/4tsp             Black Pepper

1pkg               Mozzarella pearls


– Heat oven…

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What’s going on right meow?

I’m using language apps on my phone called Duolingo and Tinycards for Norwegian. It was easy at first and then. . . .

I was like “Wait, what? What’s going on right meow?”


It got much harder. I am greatly confused by “you” “they” and “it.” Word placement is different than in English. Where do I place the “ikke”? Not like or like not? I still don’t fully understand how to say certain combinations of sounds.  Thank God I have studied two other languages and understand how to study a language.

A Norwegian course is offered to immigrants in Norway for free. I might be able to get familiar with Norwegian but I feel I really need this class.

My Battle with Stubborn Blood Sugar

As I might have mentioned before- my diabetes is out of control. We’re talking 500-270 blood sugar ranges everyday. For a healthy person, your blood sugar should be 100-70. My endocrinologist and I have been trying to determine what is the culprit. Is it me?  After Paleo, Keto, Non-Red Meat Vegetarianism, and Low Carb we decided that what I ate was not the problem. I saw an autoimmune specialist and I have fibromyalsia. That does not cause high blood sugars. Next is seeing if my digestion is the issue. Drugs and more insulin do not control my blood sugars.My endocrinologist is baffled by me. So what do I do if nothing is working? I’m not giving up.


In Norway, I plan to try:

  1.  Changing my medications or cutting down the number of medications. I’m on so many it’s pathetic. I can’t even…
  2.  Trying to cut out gluten to see if it matters. This is literally the only diet I haven’t done.
  3. Seeing if medical marijuana will help. Oh yes, I’ll even try taboo if it means my health will improve. Medical marijuana is legal in Norway.
  4.  Drinking that 8 glasses of water a day to flush out sugar through my urine. It is said to be quite helpful actually. 8-glasses


Did I mention I need prayer? Yeah, lots of that.