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Repost: Scandinavian Fashion

So it’s finally time for my part two of this little series, a bit later than I first planned but sometimes life just gets in the way of things. I did a blog post recently of what I think is the key points when it comes to Scandinavian style within interior and now I thought […]…

Thank You Note 4

Thank you, IKEA for letting me at least look Swedish cheaply. Oh, great meatballs too. **Fun fact: I have a massive tattoo of Marimekko’s famous “Unikko” poppy print on my upper thigh. This is how much I love Scandinavian design. anthropologyartdenmarkDesignfinlandicelandikeainspirationlifemarimekkoswedentattoounikko

Social Anxiety and Norway

I’ve got social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and OCD. I don’t write about this as though I’m happy about it. Quite the opposite. Being an American that is often seen as quiet and shy is not very well welcomed in this culture. I get snarky rude comments, ignorant questions, embarrassing moments, and flat…