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Eating is a Pain

In case you guys are wondering how eating for gastroparesis with also being type 1 diabetic is going. . . it’s like this:   (. . . . in other words WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? ) carbohydratesfunnygastroparesismetalmetalocalypsetype 1type 1 diabetes

I Eat All The Time

Diabetes Type 1 has friends that often come along for the ride. One of the for me is my recent diagnosis of diabetic gastroparesis. This means my stomach is paralyzed. My vagus nerve has been damaged, causing my stomach to empty too slowly.  Once again, my eating habits have to change. The following is a…

Oh found it!

I have had tummy problems since my teens. I would eat steak or sausage. Later that night, I’d lay on the bathroom floor in pain until I would finally throw up. I went non-red meat vegetarian, and had as many no meat meals as possible to make the pain stop. It worked for awhile until…