Millennial Hatred vs This Millennial

Millennial or Generation Y: mid 1990s-early 2000s. We have technology only dreamed of before. Everything is technology technology technology 24/7. We have it with us always and portable. Internet is everywhere. With Spotify making music across the globe easily accessible, why not cross boundaries and subcultures?  MTV as the 1980s knew it is dead. Religion … Continue reading Millennial Hatred vs This Millennial

Biculturalsim Poll

I looked up some big sociological words that all apply to me: Immigrant subcultures, biculturalism, cultural assimilation..... these words all have to do with "blending in" with your culture or choosing to live with multiple identities. What I will do with myself in Norway is unclear to me in terms of assimilation, or becoming a … Continue reading Biculturalsim Poll

First Days in Norway: Part I

Despite airport security thinking my insulin pump was a bomb in Chicago, not being able to bring my black cat with due to a bunch of bullshit papers, and being tired out of my mind- we are safe in Norway. As for my black kitty, Stoner, my fears happened AGAIN. He did not have what … Continue reading First Days in Norway: Part I